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Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Download

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A comprehensive guide to the manufacturing module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and earlier versions.

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Product description
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The Manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has existed for almost 17 years. A quick estimate says that around 10% of the about 100.000 installed Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions use the Manufacturing solution. Despite this there are almost no literature on the subject.

My ambition with this book is to make “The Book” on Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The book that all customers running the Manufacturing module and all consultants, both new and experienced, will need to setup and maintain the system.

Since the functionality of the manufacturing module hasn’t changed much the last 10 years and the development on the subject is slow. The book will cover all versions from 4.0 up to NAV 2013.

The book is to be used either as a setup guide for implementing a new system or as a handbook for later adjustments. The table of contents follow the implementation tasks as they would fall in an implementation of a new manufacturing system.
Target Audience
• End-user customers who are going to implement the manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and
• New consultants needing to up their skills around manufacturing are the main audience.
• End-user customers who are already running the manufacturing module in the company will need it for the daily maintenance of their system, since there are no other material on the market.
• And lastly experienced consultants needs it for adjusting running manufacturing solutions.
Table of contents

1) Introduction
a. My Manufacturing Debut
b. The History of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing module
c. Which methodologies does Dynamics NAV support
d. Lean Manufacturing in Dynamics NAV
e. Agile Manufacturing in Dynamics NAV
f. Manufacturing methods covered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV
g. Document and product flow of the Dynamics NAV Manufacturing solution
h. General overview of the Dynamics NAV manufacturing solution
i. Which Dynamics NAV solution should we choose
j. Useful tools when navigating Dynamics NAV

2) Setting up the system to work with manufacturing
a. Finance
b. Items
c. Stockkeeping units
d. Locations
e. Order Promising
f. Manufacturing module Setup
g. Warehouse Management module

3) Roletailoring manufacturing
a. Roletailoring in general
b. The Role Center
c. Customizing Pages
d. Customizing the Role Center
e. Customizing List Pages
f. Customizing Card Pages
g. Quick Entry
h. Role: Production Planner
i. Role: Machine Operator - Manufacturing Comprehensive
j. Role: Shop Supervisor - Manufacturing Comprehensive
k. Role: Shop Supervisor - Manufacturing Foundation

4) Production bill of materials
a. Introduction to production bill of materials
b. Creating single-level production bill of materials
c. Creating multi-level production bill of materials
d. Using phantom production bill of materials
e. Using Routing Links in bill of materials
f. Which reports gives me information about Production Bill-of Materials
g. Additional Production bill of materials functionality

5) Capacities
a. Introduction to capacities
b. Setting up capacities
c. Setting up work centers
d. Setting up prod. Resources
e. Which Reports gives me information about Capacities
f. Additional Capacities Functionality

6) Production Routings
a. Introduction to Routing
b. Flushing Methods for time consumption
c. Setting up Serial Routing
d. Setting up Parallel Routing
e. Using Routing Links in Routing
f. Which reports gives me information about Routings

7) Using Families
a. Introduction to Families
b. Setting up Families
c. The Family on the Production Order

8) Production Orders
a. Introduction to Production Orders
b. The Production Order
c. The different Production Order Status
d. Creating manual Production Orders
e. Changing the Production Order Status
f. Additional Production Orders Functionality
i. Changing Components
ii. Changing Routings
iii. Item Tracking
g. Which reports can be used to get information about Production Orders

9) Forecasting the production
a. Introduction to forecasts
b. Setting up Production Forecast
c. Forecasts versus Blanket orders
d. Which reports gives me information about Production Forecasts

10) Planning the production
a. Introduction to planning
b. Which Planning System should I Choose
c. Simulations
d. Planning from Production Orders
e. Planning from Sales Orders
f. Using Order Planning
g. Using the Planning worksheet
h. Subcontracting
i. Order Tracking and Action Messaging
j. Item Variants
k. Multiple Locations
l. Transfer between locations
m. Which reports can be used to get information about Planning

11) Shop Loading
a. Introduction to Shop Loading
b. Resource Capacity
c. Loading of Capacities
d. The Production Schedule
e. Planning from Production Orders
f. Planning Flexibility
g. Finite Loading
h. Which reports can be used to get information about the Shop Loading

12) Processing Production Orders
a. Introduction to the Processing of the Production Orders
b. Using the Production Journal
c. Using the Consumption Journal
d. Using the Output Journal
e. Subcontracting
f. Integration with Warehouse Management
g. Item Tracking
h. Which reports can be used to get information about the status of Production Orders

13) Finishing Production Orders
a. How to Finish Production Orders
b. Using the Flushing Methods

14) Costing
a. Introduction the costing of the Manufacturing Module
b. The Inventory Batch process
c. Cost Roll-up
d. Pre calculation of the Production Orders
e. Deep Dive into the content of the WIP
f. Post calculation of the Production Orders
g. Which reports can be used to get information about the costing of Production Orders

15) Shortcomings of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing module
a. Canceling an active production order
b. What happened to the Production Schedule?
c. Subcontractor item flow documents
d. Multiple active versions of Bill of Materials for the same Item
e. Multiple active versions of Routings for the same Item

16) Small changes to the system that could make your life easier
a. Manual Material Planning Window
b. Combining the Capable-to-promise functionality and the create production order from sales order
c. Change so planning finite capacities does not fragment operations
d. Production Journal per operation not production order.
e. Function to cancel production order and reverse transactions
f. Route fact box for the production order page and the planning page
g. BOM fact box for the production order page and the planning page
h. Expandable Post calculation report
i. Skills matrix using machine centers, operations and standard tasks

a) Considerations before implementing the Dynamics NAV manufacturing solution
j. Production overview
k. Item checklist
l. Production resources
m. Production Bill-of-Material checklist
n. Routing checklist
o. Production checklist
p. Planning checklist
q. Reporting time and material checklist
r. Integration checklist
s. Reporting Checklist
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